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To Utilize Oracle Dump Easilier and More

Case 1 : Cause of system trouble is pursued confirming Dump file contents without Oracle environment.

A trouble occurs! Comparing Dump file and product's data
Case 1 ; Image of confirming the contents of Dump file without Oracle environment

The real inventory does not coincide with the stock on the computer. You may come across various troubles while operating business system. To solve the trouble, you need to do lots of work, for example you check log data and inquire system users about what they've done. Especially check on data of database is essential.

If you have some data to pursue to find out what operation or registration system users did, the data checking is relatively easy. But if the data doesn't exist or you find nothing after pursuing the log data, what kind of data it was when the system was updated or what data was updated might make a great hint.

Periodically backed up data can be utilized to confirm the data.

This is the occasion to use RP Dump Browser for Oracle, with which you can directly confirm Dump file without Oracle environment.

Since you don't need Oracle environment to import back-up data, you can easily confirm the data.You don't have to worry about server's vacancy, hire construct environment, hire technician environment construction. RP Dump Browser for Oracle contributes to realize to reduction of work-hours and creation of stable operation.

Using RP Dump Browser for Oracle you can confirm contents of Dump file directly. With GUI environment such as Excel or common IDE, you can operate intuitively, so high technical skill isn't necessary any more.

Moreover, as you can output data to text format (CSV, TSV), Microsoft Excel format, Microsoft Access format and so on *, you can study the data more effectively using Excel function.

* You can output to MS Access, SQL Server, PostgresSQL, if you use Add-ons. >>

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