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To Utilize Oracle Dump Easilier and More

Case 2 : Old files are taken and utilized to learn future trend.

Direction to check and analyze data including past data which was excluded from the system.
Case 2 ; Image of getting information from old Dump file without Oracle environment

Past data of business system is often deleted for various reasons such as response drop of business system, depletion of server's disk space, exclusion from transfer data at the time of implementation.

Deletion of past data causes some problems. It is useful to study defects of products which were to sold to customers several years ago or to make a graph to predict future sales. If no past data exists, lots of work-hour might be exhausted to study reports or it might not be responded at all. It would become a great loss for a certain kind of industry or product, since data of 10 to 20 years ago might be important.

Using RP Dump Browser for Oracle, you can easily confirm contents of Dump file without Oracle environment and output it to Excel and so on. Study or Utilization of data including system data can be easily done.

Moreover with charged version, you can take data from Dump file exported from old system's DB, since the charger version corresponds to Oracle 7i, Oracle8 / 8i, Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g. Actually, this customer extracted the data from Oracle 7.

From the different viewpoint, you can consider exclusion of data from transfer data at the time of implementation, since you can browse past data with RP Dump Browser for Oracle.

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