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To Utilize Oracle Dump Easilier and More

Case 3 : Utilizing RP Dump Browser for Oracle to confirm data directly from Dump data, Reducing data from production system to secure response.

Response drop! Utilization for browsing evacuated data
Case 3 : Confirmation image of deleting past data and saving data after saving real execution data

Response drop often occurs after using system for a long time, as lots of data has accumulated in the database.

To handle response drop, there are various ways such as enhancement of hardware, tuning program, renovating program after reviewing design; these cases cost a lot and still you might not satisfy with the result.

If it is not urgent to comfirm past data or you don't need to confirm so often, you can handle this problem after evacuating data to reduce amount of data of production system. As you are sure that response was secured up to a certain level before lots of data accumulated, you can expect some effects although you need some kind of mechanism to recover and browse evacuated data.

If you use RP Dump Browser for Oracle, you can confirm evacuated data.

But in some cases it might be difficult to study data by just browsing table data directly, according to DB construction.

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