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To Utilize Oracle Dump Easilier and More

Case 4 : Migrating Oracle database to PostgreSQL to reduce operation cost (also succeeded in migrating SQL Server, MySQL, DB2)

Direction for cost reduction! Database was switched to that of more reasonable license.
Case 4 : Image of tranferring (migrating) data from Oracle database to PostgreSQL

A customer was told to reduce operation cost by his boss.


But there were so many inquiries to cut personnel and they didn't have budget for new system development.


But he found that Oracle Databese whice cost a lot was implemented in the system they didn't use so much and he thought they could reduce the license cost by switching databese to that of low cost or even free.


It was found that they can switch the database after altering and checking Jdbc, which was implemented in their system, and modifying SQL sentences, which wer specified to Oracle.

Eventually they successfully achieved to operate database with low cost after they switched expensive Oracle to reasonable PostgreSQL and checked and modified some functions by utilizing RP Dump Browser for Oracle and PostgreSQL Exporter Add-on. 


Since they didn't need to develop program for transfer, they succeeded in collecting their investment money and reducing operation cost. 

Also RP Dump Browser for Oracle has Add-on Functions with which you can output data to other formats, such as SQL Server, ODBC; you can transfer data to MySQL or DB2 via ODBC. You can choose which Add-on to use in accordance to your system configuration.

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