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To Utilize Oracle Dump Easilier and More

Case 5 : Extracting necessary data from damaged file by utilizing Editor Add- on Function

Dump was damaged! Data was recovered as much as possible
Case 5 : Image of extracting damaged Dump file utilizing Editor Add-on

A serious damage occurred and hard disks were broken to stop the system in a customer's system.


Data should be recovered to that of Dump file which was taken a day before for the stand-by staging environment.

But when they tried to import an error has happened; Dump file was broken.

If Dump file is broken, the data after the broken part cannot be imported. Unfortunately as the first half was broken, they couldn't import almost all of the data.

But with RP Dump Browser for Oracle it is possible to read objects and and confirm the contents of objects except for damaged one. Moreover the damaged parts are highlighted to be easily recognized.

In this case the customer abandoned the objects with problems and successfully imported the objects except for problematic objects.

Fortunately damaged part didn't affect the operation of the system, because they were only necessary to research past data. They succeeded in migrating data to staging environment and minimizing influences to their business.

 * Edited Dump file and imported environment to Oracle might not be guaranteed by Oracle Corporation. We recommend using them in development or verification environments..

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