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Case 6 : Hiding confidential data to provide development data to development vendor

Personal and confidential information is protected in order not to reveal it to external vendors!
Case 6 : Image hiding confidential information and providing Dump file as a development data

In a case of system development project, the progress  falled behind schedule due to some troubles and they decided to order a part of development to an external vendor. And they have to provide some data to the vendor for them to use.


They found that lots of confidential information including personal information. They had to process the data and provide to them, not to mention about sign the personal information holding contract.


In this case, they correct the part which contains confidential information. Data of data table can be corrected using Editor Add-on. It can be used intuitively with Excel-like GUI environment. 


They could easily provide the data to the external vendor.

* Edited Dump file and imported environment to Oracle might not be guaranteed by Oracle Corporation. We recommend using them in development or verification environments.

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