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To Utilize Oracle Dump Easilier and More

Case 7 : Taking table definition and object list from Dump file

Only Dump file was given! Table definition is automatically created.

A customer, software developer, decided to analyze the present system, particularly the data configuration, prior to system development.


The only information was Dump file and there was no useful document; the merely left one was not renewed at all.


It was necessary to construct Oracle environment and analyze with development tools for analysis of the present system. It was when they came across RP Dump Browser.


Using Report Output Function of RP Dump Browser, object list and table definition can be directly taken from Dump file without Oracle environment, and format for output can be defined.

In this customer's case, they used Report Output Function of RP Dump Browser (charged version), to output object list and table definition and Report Browse Function to analyze database.

Also they didn't need construction of Oracle environment as they used RP Dump Browser, which meant there were no need for asking the operation to technitian who was capable of constructiong environment.

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