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To Utilize Oracle Dump Easilier and More

Case 8 ; Applying SQL Server Exporter Add-on function of RP Dump Browser for Oracle, to a part of program for data migration (transfer)

A customer can reduce the development of data migration program. 
Case 8 : Image of utilizing Exporter Add-on, one of RP Dump Browser for Oracle Add-ons, for a part of data migration (transfer) program.

A customer, a developer, was engaged in development of a business system.


Data migration from Oracle database of the old system to SQL Server of the new one is necessary.


The procedure for the operation was decided to convert the data model using transact-SQL after registering the data of the same type as the old database to SQL Server, because they had not to increase number of development languages and period for migration was very short.


In this case, they exported Dump file from Oracle to register it to SQL Server, then register it through SQL Server Exporter Add-on on RP Dump Browser for Oracle.


Program development, except for data type conversion for the new system of the last procedure, was not necessary and reduced work hour for the development successfully. They completed the transition within the set period.


There are also Add-on functions for PostgreSQL, or output function to MySQL, DB2 via OCBC.

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