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About our Website

All information on this Webpage (www.ro-dumpbrowser.com) about our products, RP Browser for Oracle / RP Browser Free for Oracle and Add-on functions, and concern information is provided by Red Penguin Corporation (hereafter  "We"). Prior to visiting our Website, please read the cautions mentioned below. By visiting this Website, you agree to be bound by the cautions. We ask for your understanding in advance that terms of use and disclaimer might be changed without notice.


Although we pay much attention to the contents posted on our Website, we don't guarantee the accuracy about the contents at all. Also we don't assume responsibility on the damages.

Please understand that this Website includes information the third party provides to us for the sake of customers' interests, and we don't guarantee about the accuracy.


In some cases cautions other than mentioned above may be mentioned on each page of our Website, please read the pages as well.

About RP Dump Browser for Oracle and Add-on functions

RP Dump Browser for Oracle is a software Red Penguin Corporation (hereafter "We") administer. Please use it after you read the cautions below and after you consent to them.

When customers download the software, they agree to the disclaimer. The word "customer" means individuals or corporation body who download, install and use the software and "corporation body" includes unlimited partnerships, limited liabilities, companies, associations, partnerships, joints, labor unions, and governmental organizations, but these are not the all.

Please note that the terms of use and disclaimers may change without prior notice.


1 The Company or any third party who has contributed to the production or sale of the Software may use or disable the Software, use the Software or Software, or support or other services, information, software, And / or related content that may or may not be provided, or breach of contract or tort (including negligence, misunderstanding, strict liability), breach of legal obligation, rights holder and / or agency Special, accidental, punitive, indirect, or consequential damages arising from the breach of warranty (loss of profit, confidential or other information, business interruption, loss of privacy, data or program corruption or loss, Lack of legal obligation, sincerity, or due consideration, negligence, We shall not be liable for any damages incurred by the Company regarding the possibility of such damage.

2 You acknowledge, accept, and agree that there is no error-free software, and acknowledge that you have been advised to back up your computer based on frequency and reliability appropriate to you. You are responsible for backing up the dump file and the database to be output.

3 Neither our company nor any third party who contributes to production or sales shall be liable for any liability, such as contractual defaults caused by the use of this software and torts in the country or region of use.

4 The Company is not liable for any warranty or guarantee for this software. The Company shall not provide customers with any errors, malfunctions, errors or other problems with the Software, shall not infringe on the rights of third parties, merchantability, specific purposes of customers or third parties. No warranty is made with regard to suitability or other matters not expressly stated on this website.

5 In any case, the upper limit of our liability is the amount paid by the customer for the purchased product.

6 All disputes regarding the Software between the Company and the customer shall be interpreted in accordance with Japanese law. In addition, the Otsu District Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction over the dispute.


In some cases cautions other than mentioned above may be mentioned on each page of our Website, please read the pages as well.