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To Utilize Oracle Dump Easilier and More

Dump File Recovery Service with which damaged Dump file is recovered and data and information are rescued.

Recovering damaged Dump file

What is Oracle Dump File Recovery Service?

Damaged Dump file can be read (*) and output to CSV or Excel formats with RP Dump Browser for Oracle. Moreover object which include damaged parts can be deleted with Editor Add-on.

Data without damaged part can be rescued using RP Dump Browser for Oracle and Add-on functions.

Oracle Dump File Recovery Service can be utilized when you don't want to abandon the entire data because the damaged part contains lots of valuable data for business.

What Oracle Dump File Recovery Service will do is; You provide Dump file to us and we will remove and modify damaged part. We will provide you modified Dump file (*2) or data output to Excel or CSV format.

You will provide us the result of Dump file taken from RP Dump Browser for Oracle (including RP Dump Browser Free for Oracle). The size of damaged part is merely a few bytes, recovery was succeeded 80 to 90 per cent of the cases. (Among the cases requested to us, eighty per cent of the Dump file, only one object was damaged and eventually in almost all cases recovery was succeeded).

If you are wondering whether recovery is possible or not or estimation of cost and period is necessary, please don't hesitate to ask us from "Inquiry Form".

*1 There are some cases it is impossible to read, depending on the degree of damage.

*2 Edited Dump file and imported environment to Oracle might not be guaranteed by Oracle Corporation. We recommend using them in development or verification environments in your company.

* This service does not guarantee that every file can be recovered. Whether it can be recovered or not depends on degree of damage of Dump file in such case because of  wrong caracter code specified at FTP transfer the whole Dump file was damaged. If you are in a hurry, please mention so in the "Inquiry Form"

* The workload depends on degree of damage of Dump file, we will make estimation after researching price, period and how much we can recover in each case.Principally we will begin working after you consent to the estimation and send us an order form.

* It takes one business day during usual period and two during busy season to estimate and three to ten days to recover. (It depends on data size and number of damaged part. If the size is around a terabytes it may take more than a month.

*Please refer to this page for our business day.

* Customers who ordered several times but yet to contract might be charged ¥30,000 to start the research. As for prices please read here.

* If the size of Dump file is big, please bear the cost of transporting media.

* If we have to work on a day which is not a business day or after-hours, express fee might be charged

* Non disclosure agreement might be contracted when necessary.

* Provide Dump file will be deleted soon after the operation is completed.

Customers' Comments

  • When the sever was broken I became desperate because although I had to recover as soon as possible, I found Dump file was damaged. Then I knew this service and ask them to handle in a short time. I had to enter data again, but it took only one day and I really relieved.

  • I took my hat to their really high technological capacity.

  • I was a user of ExDump (beta version of RP Dump Browser). I was amazed to find even damaged file could be recovered.