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To Utilize Oracle Dump Easilier and More

"Paid  Mail Support" to use RP Dump Browser for Oracle and Add-ons more comfortably

We will answer within two business days, providing  user's sense of security.

About Paid Mail Support

Customers who contracted the Paid Mail Service will receive answers to inquiries of up to two incidents within two business days. This service is valid for one year from the contracted day.

* To receive the Paid Mail Service, a contract is necessary which is  separate from that of the product service.

* We will answer within two business days from the day you make an inquiry.

* One year after the contracted day, the contract must be renewed to make an inquiry.

* Customers' problem solution isn't necessarily guaranteed by this service.

* This service is only for our products, RP Dump Browser for Oracle / RP Dump Browser Free for Oracle and Add-on Functions, NOT for answers to Oracle and other products' inquiries.