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To Utilize Oracle Dump Easilier and More

"ODBC Exporter Add-on" which outputs (Register / Transfer) Oracle Dump file to other databases such as MySQL or DB2 via ODBC

ODBC Output-Function Add-on for RP Dump Browser for Oracle

What is ODBC Exporter Add-on?

ODBC Exporter Add-on is the add-on,  with which you can output (import / register / transfer) Dump file which is taken by RP Dump Browser for Oracle to databases other than Oracle.

* To use ODBC Exporter Add-on, RP Dump Browser for Oracle (charged) is necessary.

Corresponds to various databases

By using ODBC Exporter Add-on, you can output to databases comformable to SQL99, such as DB2. Because of the dedicated procedure, you can output (register / transfer) to My SQL which is not comformable to SQL99 as well., using ODBC Exporter Add-on.