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To Utilize Oracle Dump Easilier and More

Procedure from Software Download (Installation of Free for Oracle) to License Register (Release of Restricted Function)

1 Software Download (RP Dump Browser Free for Oracle)

Download the software from here and decompress it.

You can use the decompressed software as RP Dump Browser Free for Oracle (free version) with restricted function.

2 Releasing the security block of the downloaded file

Please release the downloaded block, using the illustration above as reference.

* If you decompressed the compressed file before release the block, please release the block by right-click on the exde.exe in the decompressed folder.

* If you move the software, please move the whole compressed folder.

3 Execution of RP Dump Browser Free for Oracle

As illustrated above, please double-click on "exde.exe" and RP Dump Browser for Oracle will start as its free version (RP Dump Browser Free for Oracle).

Please refer to "4 License Issue / Activation"to use RP Dump Browser for Oracle with unrestricted functions and no ads and Add-on functions.

4 License Issue / Activation

To use charged RP Dump Browser for Oracle (unrestricted functions), Add-on functions and Paid Mail Service, issue of product key and activation are necessary.

Please read here for issue of product key and activation.