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Frequently Asked Questions

About Product's Content

Q.Please tell me how to use Automation Function

​AUtilization method and sample source are mentioned in the manual. Please read it.

Q.Is it possible to execute a batch process over and over again, not from the GUI? I want to be able to pass the target table object from a parameter or configuration file.

​A.One of the functions available in the paid version of RP Dump Browser for Oracle is the automation function.The automation function is a function for using RP Dump Browser from JavaScript or Script language. If you build a script and operate this function from the script, you will be able to operate the RP Dump Browser from batch processing based on the parameter and setting file information.For programming, a sample file is attached on the following page.

For programming, a sample file is attached on the following page.


Q.Is it possible to output UTF8 CSV output from Shift-JIS database?

​A.The character code of the current output function depends on the language setting of the OS of the terminal.You can use the paid version of RP Dump Browser for Oracle's automation function, encode it in Script language, and convert to UTF8 format.In addition, regarding the character code specification at the time of output, it will be used as a reference for future additional functions. 

Q.Even if the database is written in UTF8, will it be output in Shift-JIS unless the automation function is used?

​A.There are [Script] and [Data text format] for export, ① When exporting with a script, the output will be in ShitJIS. (2) When exporting data in text format, you can select the output character code. Selectable character codes are AL16UTF16, AL16UTF16LE, AL32UTF8, EE8ISO8859P2, JA16EUC, JA16EUCTILDE, JA16SJIS, JA16SJISTILDE, US7ASCII, UTF16, UTF8, WE8ISO8859P1, WE8MSWIN1252, ZHS16GBK, ZHT16HKSCS, ZHT16MSWIN950.

Q.Do you support Spanish character sets?

​A.I'm sorry. Currently, Spanish character sets are not supported. Please refer to the corresponding page of the online manual for supported character sets.

> 2017/10/31 version corresponding to WE8ISO8859P1 (Western European character set) has been released. Versions after are supported.

Q.Can you correspond the character-set which is not corresponded by this software?

​A.We can correspond, but it is paid. Please ask us via "Inquiry Form".

As for corresponded character-set, please refer to the corresponding page of Online manual. 

Q.I tried to load a large amount of data, but it hasn't finished (It seems stop running).

​A.It might take several hours to load data of 10G Bytes or more and as the progress bar seems to stop, it seems to stop running.

The definition file is loaded at first when Dump file is loaded, then RP Dump Browser for Oracle is operated and it accesses to data and aquires it when it accesses to table object. When definition file is loaded during Dump file  loading it accesses the whole data and analyzes the definition to aquire it, because it doesn't know where the definition file is stored. Because it takes lots of time to search definition information, loading takes lots of time, too.

Q. Is it possible to output CSV with tens of millions of tables and tens of GB of data?

A.There is a record of CSV output of 100 million records in a table of about 100 GB, so output is possible.However, in this example, it takes 3 hours to read and 5 hours to output CSV (*).

* Actual speed depends on environment and table structure.

Q. How can I view the manual of the paid version of RP Dump Browser for Oralce?

A. In the application that has been activated, if you display help from the help menu, a manual page without ads will be displayed.

Q. I'm connected to the network but I can't activate it.

A. If a proxy is installed, set the proxy server.

Q. I would like to use the filter function for a specific table from a dump file and output only the data for a specific month to CSV. Is the “RP Dump Browser for Oracle license” only necessary and does not require the “Editor Add-on” license?

A. If it is only the filter function, it can be used only with “RP Dump Browser for Oracle License”.
However, the function to reflect the filtered result to CSV export etc. is not currently supported, so all data will be output to CSV and the output data will be processed.

Q. When outputting directly from a dump file to Excel, if the reading limit of the Excel sheet is exceeded, will it be output to another sheet?

A. When outputting to Excel and exceeding the limit number of rows of the sheet, the sheet is automatically divided.However, data output exceeding hundreds of thousands due to memory limitations is not currently supported. There is no memory limit for Access output, so it is recommended to output in Access format if possible.

Q. If I use the paid version, can I use it without an Internet connection?

A. available.

Q. If I use the free version, will I only need an internet connection for the first time? Is it necessary every time?

A. A connection is required each time for license authentication.

Q. Are there any plans to support 18c?

A. Supported by Ver2.0.0. Click here for details

Q.Using RP Dump Browser for Oracle and PostgreSQL Exporter Add-on and importing about 2.7GB of Oracle dump to PostgreSQL, it took 48 hours to complete.

A. In our environment it takes about 3-4 hours to export a 3G dump file. First of all, please check whether the index is set in the export destination table.
You can analyze it by sending the log at the time of export. Logs are stored in the following locations.
% TEMP% \ exde \ log
If you enter the above path in Windows Explorer, you can open the log folder.
There were also cases where security software was causing delays when similar inquiries were received.

Q.I want to migrate my Oracle dump file to PostgreSQL. What license do I need? 

A. 「RP Dump Browser for Oracle」 client license and 「PostgreSQL Exporter Add-on」 client license is required.

Q.Can I extract image data (jpg) from Oracle Dump files at once?

A. “RP Dump Browser for Oracle” client license and“PostgreSQL Exporter Add-on” client license is required.Currently not supported. We will use it as a reference for future product improvements.

Q.Is the product supported on Windows Virtual Machines on Azure?
* The following is assumed as an image.
・ Windows Server 2016 Datacenter
・ Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter
・ Windows 10 Pro Version 1803
・ Windows 10 Pro Version 1709

A. It corresponds to any environment. Click here for details

Q.SQLServer could not migrate the data of the table that defines the reserved word "TOP" in Oracle, but there is a workaround (for example, even if a reserved word is included to correct the INSERT statement executed by the tool) Is there a change to an operable property?

A. A workaround to deal with SQL Server reserved words is possible by using Editor Addon to edit the column definition.
After changing the column name of the CREATE TABLE statement and INSERT INTO statement of the corresponding table held in the dump file with Editor Addon, if the dump file is created, the dump file with the changed column name is output. can. The created dump file
Reading and exporting to SQL Server allows you to change the column name and export.
Note that Editor Addon can only edit dump files output by the exp utility, not dump files output by expdp.
If it is exported with the expdp utility, it is necessary to take measures such as outputting only the corresponding table with the exp utility.
We recommend that you consider introducing Editor Addon.

Q.If I create a table on SQLServer in advance and change the item name of the created table, can I migrate the data?

A. The current function is not supported. If there is a changed item, the item name will not match and the data migration itself will not be performed.

Please refer to the following as a workaround.

This can be done by editing the definition of the corresponding column using Editor Addon. After changing the column name of CREATE TABLE statement and INSERT INTO statement of the corresponding table stored in the dump file with Editor Addon, the dump file with the changed column name can be output by executing dump file creation.

Q.The other day, the computer on which the software was installed broke. "Cancellation" cannot be performed on a computer that was previously installed. I want to use it only on a new computer, what should I do?

A. We will cancel the activation, please re-introduce to a new terminal. Please contact us from the inquiry form.

About Installation

Q.Do you have an installer?

​A.Presently we don't have an installer. Please download the file and decompress it to use. Please read here for Procedure from downloading to execution.


Q.An error occurred after decompression and execute the downloaded file.


​A.Security block of the file hasn't been released yet. Please read here and release the security block of the file.

About License Issue

Q.I can't find the page for downloading charged version. Where can I download it?

​A.Please download the free version first and issue the license of RP Dump Browser for Oracle after applying for license issue. After you register license of RP Dump Browser for Oracle, restricted function of RP Dump Browser Free for Oracle is released.

Please read here for Procedure for Product Key Issue

Q.Is license user license or terminal license?

​A.Licenses of RP Dump Browser for Oracle and Add-on function are for the OS installed in terminals, so there is no problem to consider license is for terminal. If several OS are installed in one terminal, the license is for each OS on the terminal.

Q.If the activated device is discarded and RP Dump Browser for Oracle is used on another device, is it necessary to purchase additional licenses when using it on another device?

​A.You can use the license on another device by deactivating it and reactivating it on a new device.

Please refer here for how to cancel.

Q.Will you issue a statement of delivery? And will you send me invoice and receipt by post mail?

A.Sorry.In countries other than Japan, we can not mail invoices etc.

Q.Can I add Add-on function to RP Dump Browser Free for Oracle?

A.Add-on function can be used only on the terminal which has license of RP Dump Browser for Oracle. If you want to use Add-on function, please purchase license for RP Dump Browser for Oracle as well.

Q.What is the format of the “invoice” sent when placing an online order?

A.A PDF invoice is attached to the email.
“Receipt” and “Confirm Product Key” will also attach PDF to the email.

Q.I received an inquiry from a business partner that I would like an estimate if RP Dump Browser For Oracle could be procured.Is substitute purchase possible by our company?

A.Licenses can be resold or purchased on behalf of a customer.
In that case, the contact information of the person in charge of resale is required. This is used as a contact for offline verification.
Please also note that after transferring the license, offline authorization processing will not be possible even if requested by the purchaser.

Q.Is it possible to start and operate multiple tasks on a single client?
If possible, is the license a 1 client license?

A.One client and one user can operate multiple licenses with one license.

Q.After the purchase, we will lend one installed terminal to another related company for a certain period of time, and after the end of use, we want to continue using it. In that case, is there no problem with purchasing one license?

A.There is no problem with purchasing one license. If you cancel the activation after the use by the affiliated company ends, you can activate on another terminal.

Q.Please tell us about the renewal cost of the RP Dump Browser For Oracle 1 client for the next year.

A.Renewal costs for the following year will be reduced by 20% from the first year. "RP Dump Browser For Oracle 1 Client" costs 24,000 yen.Click here for details

Q.Could you introduce an agency that can purchase RP Dump Browser for Oracle?

A.Currently, our products, RP Dump Browser for Oracle, and optional products are not sold through distributors.

Q.The license is a terminal contract. Is there an alert display or notification about the next renewal timing?

A.There will be no warnings in the application, so we will contact you by email when the next update approaches.

About Dump Recovery Service

Q.What is difference between Editor Add-on function and Dump Recovery Service?

​A.With Editor Add-on you can rescue data  by reading Dump file even if a certain object is damaged. But you can't read the damaged object itself. Damaged object can't be restored.

Dump Recovery Service is the service that our company will recover the damaged Dump file and Editor Add-on of RP Dump Browser for Oracle is not used. The damaged object itself is the target of recovery and we remove broken record from the object (table), to recover object using records without damaged one. Although a few damaged objects can't be recovered, it is possible to recover almost all objects including damaged one in many cases. Moreover we can provide Excel or CSV format of the recovered data (as the edited data is not guaranteed by Oracle Corporation, we recommend registering through Excel or CSV format).