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To Utilize Oracle Dump Easilier and More

"RP Dump Browser for Oracle" with which you can confirm content of Dump file without Oracle environment / "RP Dump Browser Free for Oracle" with restricted functions

Browse and output tool for Oracle Dump
Function Image of taking Dump file from RP Dump Browser for Orcle / RP Dump Browser Free for Oracle and outputting to CSV and Excel  ...

What is RP Dump Browser for Oracle?

RP Dump Browser for Oracle is a software with whice you can browse and output file (Dump file), which is output to text format (CSV, TSV) by Oracle's Export Utility (EXP) or Data Pump Export Utility, to (EXPDP).

What is RP Dump Browser Free for Oracle?

RP Dump Browser Free for Oracle is a free version of RP Dump Browser for Oracle. Although the functions are restricted and it is used on-line only. It can also output(*1) to text format (CSV, TSV), Excel / Access format, and other DB. Enough functions are available to evaluate before purchasing charged version.

*1 Free version is available with limit on the number of items.

Intuitively  operative GUI

You can operate table data intuitively wiht Excel-like GUI, and edit SQL objects as if you handle general IDE. After a short time training you can use it without learning difficult operation. 

The only software to browse contents even if a part of the Dump file is damaged (*1) (*2) (*3)

The most characteristic factor of  Browser for Oracle is that it is the only software to confirm contents even if a part of Dump file is damaged. If Dump file is damaged you can't read it at all or if possible, you can only read until the damaged part. Using RP Dump Browser for Oracle, even though you can't read the damaged file itself you can read undamaged objects.

*1 Depending on the degree of damage, some objects are might not be read.
*2 According to our own research.

*3 RP Dump Browser (charged) only.

Corresponds to Oracle7, 8, 8i, 9i, 11g, 12c, 18c

Business systems are often used as long as 10 or 20 years or even longer. So as databases which store system database or used longer. In this respect RP Dump Browser corresponds to Oracle7 to 18c to handle Dump file which was taken as backup.

It can output to Excel format as well as CSV format

RP Dump Browser can output taken file to text format (CSV, TSV), Excel format (*1, *2). As for Excel format, when it is handled with Excel, it can recognize data type of each cell and operate it correctly to avoid inconveniences such as deleted head zeros and mistaken format for date, which occurs in CSV format. You can utilize Dump file data easier.

*1 RP Dump Browser (charged) only
*2 You can also output to other DB format such as MS Access, SQL Server, PostgreSQL and so on. 

Output as a list of objects or report of table definition.

By using Report Output Function, you can output a list of objects and table definition. You can also define format to outputt. You can view the changes by comparing definition output from past Dupm file and present system environment. By using this function you can view development environment  of a few day ago or compare present active environment  and that of one year ago.

* RP Dump Browser (charged) only

Automation Function

You can automate operations by using Macro function of VB Script and so on. The operation and development process will become more effective and definition information will be automatically detected by automating operation procedure.

* RP Dump Browser (charged) only

Available for Windows XP SP3 or later

RP Browser for Oracle can be used for Windows XP SP3 or later. You don't have to purchase a new PC or update OS to use this software.

* RP Dump Browser (charged) only